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Greenaway, Pickering et l’ontologie du devenir

Mon article sur “The Falls”, Brain Falls: The Power of The Falls, publié dans la revue Cycnos, est disponible en ligne ici: . Je voudrais publier ici une version légèrement remaniée du résumé en français: Dans ce texte, je … Continue reading

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What place for human agency is there in a post-humanist ontology?

Pickering talks about machinic contingency in a very interesting article called “Science, Contingency and Ontology”. He contrasts a sort of static relativist pluralism of understandings of the world, which he calls a crystal ontology, from a more dynamical interactive pluralism … Continue reading

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Do we need to escape from metaphysics?

The problem is not so much should one be metaphysical or not? but more one of pluralism, multiplicity, polytheism as incorporated in our modes of acting, perceiving, feeling and thinking. It’s a question of typology rather than content, of what … Continue reading

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Pickering and Deleuze

Andrew Pickering in “Cybernetics as Nomad Science”, , seems to have some ideas convergent with pluralist thinkers such as Deleuze and Feyerabend. He contrasts a pluralist open ontology based on embodiment and becoming with a dualist ontology based on … Continue reading

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Andrew Pickering

Je viens de lire “New Ontologies”, un article écrit par Andrew Pickering, le philosophe et sociologue des sciences britannique. J’étais très impressionné par sa vision d’une ontologie non-dualiste pluraliste et processuelle qui sous-tend des pratiques innovantes dans des domaines différents … Continue reading

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