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Whitehead vs Heidegger (2): History of Philosophy

Note: I am using the list of 6 points of difference between Whitehead and Heidegger that Shaviro gives at the beginning of his WITHOUT CRITERIA to articulate why I am disappointed with ALL THINGS SHINING, despite its many congenial ideas. … Lire la suite

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Deleuze and Polytheism

Deleuze is firmly on the side of Whitehead in the production vs retrieval contrast: « the aim is not to rediscover the eternal or the universal, but to find the conditions under which something new is produced (creativeness). (DIALOGUES II … Lire la suite

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Whitehead vs Heidegger (1): Beginnings

My problem with ALL THINGS SHINING is that it is not pluralist enough and that this is due to its heideggerian foundations. I have begun to read Steven Shaviro’s « WITHOUT CRITERIA » and he begins with a comparison between Heidegger and … Lire la suite

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