Agent Swarm: Origins

I chose the proper name « Agent Swarm » for my blog after roughly a year of posting under the generic title of « Terence Blake’s Blog ». One of the aims of the blog was to at last speak in my own name, and to have at least one site where this was possible. Speaking in my own name is not the same as speaking under my given name, and I wished for a name that would be an « instantaneous apprehension of an intensive multiplicity », as Deleuze calls it. « Agent Swarm » expresses this notion of active (agent)  multiplicity (swarm). It was only later that I came upon Jane Bennett’s book VIBRANT MATTER, which provides this useful gloss:

« But what if we loosened the tie between participation and human
language use. encountering the world as a swarm of vibrant materials
entering and leaving agentic assemblages? » (p107)

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Un commentaire pour Agent Swarm: Origins

  1. dmf dit :

    important I think to understand language/thinking as behavior/doings in a world of doings/happenings but not sure how to frame participation without us doing the talking for/of, in/after our own interests.


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