Go With The Glow? Shining is more than sportsmen and heroes

In this blog I have been commenting on the book ALL THINGS SHINING by Dreyfus and Kelly. I like its pluralism and immanence and polytheism of moods, but I think it has a one-sided view of intensities or what they call « shining », that excludes the “pathological” intensities. All this talk of « shining » (really as pluralists they should say « shinings ») is somehow limited to best case scenarios, when shining is not a normative notion. One could compare this with Deleuze and Guattari’s cry in ANTI-OEDIPUS:

« Everything must be interpreted in intensity » (p173)

For D&G this is already what Nietzsche and Artaud were doing.   So I was glad to come across this post using Artaud, and to this one using Nietzsche.

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