Post-Disciplinary Assemblages and Multiple Showings

We need more light, more immanence. ALL THINGS SHINING means we live and love and think on a plane of immanence. No transcendent god-figure or supreme value can command our assent or appropriate the commons as its own possession.

« all shining and fading depend on the saying that shows … The saying is a gathering [ in Deleuzian language , an assembling] … The showing, for its part is multiple. » (Basic Writings, Ch X: The Way to Language, p414. )

My project is as always to find passages and translations between various related but incommensurable idioms in philosophy and beyond, in the hope of creating a new provisional common idiom, a language of the intellectual commons..

One of the strong points of  ALL THINGS SHINING is its way of « de-jargonizing »  and transposing Heidegger as a means of bringing his thought out of the academic ghettos and into the intellectual commons. Dreyfus and Kelly’s way of reading Heidegger is deterritorialising, but only partly so, and I would like to push the deterritorialisation even further. Deleuze and Guattari each deterritorialised the other, and we can see the result not only in the books they wrote in common. I don’t think Deleuze could have written the two cinema books as they stand without having passed through the deterritorialising influence of writing with Guattari. Somehow, Badiou and Zizek don’t manage to do it. The absolute rock of lacanian psychoanalysis stands in the way of their deterritorialising processes. This is why I am sympathetic to Manuel Delanda’s attempts to reformulate Deleuzian philosophy while subtracting its one-sided elements. This is why I admire Levi Bryant’s way of creating a deterritorialised conceptual field where all these thinkers and others can coexist and interact. This is why I created a blog and am in favour of podcasts (Dreyfus and Kelly have been exemplary in this regard) and open-access publication (cf Levi Bryant, whose practice is coherent with his theory).

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