Onfray 3: Resistance

Third part of the interview of Jean Cornil with Michel Onfray:

Onfray distinguishes liberalism and capitalism and outlines thhe idea of a capitalism without the hegemony of the market in all domains.

Michel Onfray:The grand political task today is to resist liberalism and the liberal hegemony of the market in all domains. Capitalism is the private ownership of the means of production, a mode of production in which scarcity constitutes value. Capitalism has always existed (from prehistoric times to today) and is inevitable. There is no escaping it. What can be changed is the the modality. Liberalism is a modality of capitalism where the law of the market rules everywhere. But other modalities are possible and exist or have existed: prehistoric capitalism, bolchevik capitalism, even « green » capitalism. The enemy is liberal capitalism, where the market is the only law. When the market rules in hospitals, schools, barracks, publishing houses, in all of the Culture, something is very wrong. For example, with nuclear energy the problem is not so much in the type of energy and its inherent dangers as in the liberal management of this energy. If a nuclear plant is managed by private interests, safety will suffer. The goal will be maximum profit for minimum investment, and risks will be taken. Here we should say: this is too dangerous, here safety should rule and not the market. The same applies to hospitals. Today in a hospital the accountant rules. He decides whether an operation is too expensive or not, whether it can adversely affect their statistics. But in a hospital public health should decide, not accountancy. So our line of resistance today should be against liberalism, and so against the rule of the market in all domains. But to be against liberal capitalism does not mean to be against all forms of capitalism: a libertarian capitalism is possible.

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