Jung: Thinker of Immanence

Immanence for James Hillman is the element where psychological creativity can develop:

« Where spirit lifts, aiming for detachment and transcendence, concern with soul immerses us in immanence » (THE MYTH OF ANALYSIS, p27)

This espousal of immanence has led Hillman to return therapy to the outside, to open the psyche from introspection to the finding of depth and intensity in the world, to advocate an ecological rather than a psychological model for coping with symptoms and pathologies. Freudian psychoanalysis remains entrapped in transcendence in its theoretical accounting, despite what it may mobilise in everyday practice. We need to reimagine ourselves outside of limiting models if we wish to empower life to attain its full potential.

Hillman cites Spinoza and Jung as fellow thinkers of immanence near the end of this video:

However, he considers that Jung goes one step further than Spinoza:

« it is important to recognise the crucial twist that Jung’s psychology gave to the immanence of the gods – they have been interiorised into pathology, their myths live in our behaviours »

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