Is Feyerabend Post-Identitarian?

Feyerabend would « adapt himself excellently to those with whom he conversed … He accomplished this to such a point that from his correspondence one almost gets the impression that there were different people who shared the name « Feyerabend ». Lakatos is said to have commented on this feature of his friend, « Paul everybody loves you, you have no character » ». (Hoyningen-Huene, « Paul K. Feyerabend, An Obituary » p7)

Feyerabend’s « character » resembled an assemblage of multiple personalities allowing an astonishing degree of empathy (Hoyningen-Huene speaks of his « warmth » and « helpfulness »), but also of independence and of evasiveness. To use James Hillman’s expression, Feyerabend was not so much an individual, a fixed separate egoic personality, as a series of « personifications ». His books and articles were written not from the unified perspective of a constituted author, but were as he claimed « collages » fabricated by just such a series of personifications and meant to be read in the same way, by a reader open to their own multiplicity.

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  1. dmf dit :

    ah but « who » was making these editorial choices and crafting these personae?


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