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Blogger here. I received an email today telling me that my essay, « What the Hell is Water? » was not accepted for journal publication. I’m a bit disappointed, but not too surprised given the caliber of…

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DAVID FOSTER WALLACE (1): individuation beyond the individual

In ALL THINGS SHINING Dreyfus and Kelly discuss DFW’s “This is Water” as an example of his “need to create meaning ex nihilo out of the individual” (ATS, 204). They find that this project involves a pragmatic contradiction as creating … Lire la suite

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UNCONSCIOUS JUNGIANS: the « theological » turn is an unconscious variant of the Jungian turn

I have been claiming for many years that our major continental thinkers are “unconscious jungians”. Lacan is a case in point, his dissolution of the ego and subjective destitution take the same turn as Jung originally did with regard to … Lire la suite

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THE JUNGIAN TURN: individuation and sublimation, multiplicity and becomings

The Jungian turn is the turn towards a pluralist and diachronic model of subjectivity. It implies the abandon, pure and simple, of the Freudian/Lacanian tradition. This is clearly the turn that Deleuze and Guattari begin to take in ANTI-OEDIPUS, and … Lire la suite

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Remarques à propos de « La Société Automatique » de Bernard Stiegler

J’ai posé une question à Bernard Stiegler concernant la place de l’inconscient dans sa théorisation de l’automaticité, mais pour expliquer le contexte théorique de la question j’ai parlé de Deleuze, Derrida, et la centaure comme figuration post-structuraliste de l’inconscient (une … Lire la suite

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