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OOO AND DE-NOETISATION: on counterfactual foam

Graham Harman’s recent « counterfactual criticism » of an abstract for a future talk by Anthony Paul Smith on Laruelle’s difference from Speculative realism is no mere anecdotal example of the rather sad elucubrations of Harman trying to mimic a philosophical discussion. … Lire la suite

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TEACH THE CONTROVERSY: Graham Harman on the Intelligent Design of Abstracts

Graham Harman is known for his original contributions to literary and philosophical criticism. He has now pushed his technique of « counter-factual criticism » to a new level by offering a model criticism of an abstract of a future lecture on the … Lire la suite

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Video of the talk: My translation:

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OF NAUGHTS AND KNOTS: On Transgression and Entanglement

Between naughts and knots there is some sort of rhythmic pulsation. Naughty is the transgression out, doing what you are not supposed to be doing, as if you could move directly back to what you should. Knotty is the singular … Lire la suite

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Link to new podcast: RATIONALE: For a while now I have been getting fed up with my habitual way of expressing myself (a habit by the way that didn’t exist 2 years ago, where my decades-lasting habit was rather … Lire la suite

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Paul Catanu maintains an interesting philosophical blog. He seems to have abandonned an earlier blog with the promising title: BETWEEN ONTOLOGY AND POLITICS, with a very interesting programmatic statement on the ONTOLOGY OF THE IMAGE.

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New talk by Bernard Stiegler on Cinema: « Beginning with well-known proposition that the cinema serves as the perfect enactment of Plato’s cave, I would like to examine in this paper the question of transcendental cinema, returning to the problems that … Lire la suite

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