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GNOSIS AND ANAMNESIS: on the way to immanence

Very interesting inter-blog discussion (beginning here) around Laruelle’s concept of Gnosticism as a way out of the sufficiency of the West. I would just like to add Lyotard’s and Stiegler’s emphasis on anamnesis to the mix. I think that the … Continue reading

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BADIOU, LATOUR, STIEGLER: Figures of Submission or Conceptual Personae?

This post is an attempt to elaborate on Stiegler’s critical take on Latour. Latour is a master of misdirection. He does not really acknowledge, but only does occasional lipservice to, the sources of his ideas in the preceding generation of … Continue reading

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Zizek, in a recent interview, talks about the life of philosophy in the world: “France and Germany, for instance, are currently in a very low state intellectually — especially Germany. Nothing interesting is happening there”. I beg to differ. As … Continue reading

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There was a very interesting analysis of the notion of “critique in France in the wake of May 1968. Creative philosophers like Deleuze, Guattari, Lyotard, and Foucault analysed the critical position itself, its negativity ie its founding itself on notions … Continue reading

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CONCEPTUAL HOMONYMY: Rancière and Badiou on “politics”

“Sir, I have found you an argument; but I am not obliged to find you an understanding“, Samuel Johnson. Supposedly for Badiou “politics” is something totally separate from ontology and also something rare, but is this in fact the case? … Continue reading

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Bernard Stiegler mentions Bruno Latour critically in an interview cited on the blog THE SEMAPHORE LINE: “Latour is a high-ranking philosophy professor [agrégé de philosophie], a philosopher, but he is in a state of philosophical denial [une dénégation philosophique]. For example, he will … Continue reading

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THOUGHT OF THE OUTSIDE: Meillassoux’s indebtedness to Blanchot

Quentin Meillassoux has been applauded in some quarters for his bold struggle against correlationism and his appeal for adventurous sallies into what he calls “the Great Outdoors” (le “Grand Dehors”). It has not often been noted that Meillassoux, following in … Continue reading

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