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GNOSIS AND ANAMNESIS: on the way to immanence

Very interesting inter-blog discussion (beginning here) around Laruelle’s concept of Gnosticism as a way out of the sufficiency of the West. I would just like to add Lyotard’s and Stiegler’s emphasis on anamnesis to the mix. I think that the … Lire la suite


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BADIOU, LATOUR, STIEGLER: Figures of Submission or Conceptual Personae?

This post is an attempt to elaborate on Stiegler’s critical take on Latour. Latour is a master of misdirection. He does not really acknowledge, but only does occasional lipservice to, the sources of his ideas in the preceding generation of … Lire la suite

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Zizek, in a recent interview, talks about the life of philosophy in the world: « France and Germany, for instance, are currently in a very low state intellectually — especially Germany. Nothing interesting is happening there ». I beg to differ. As … Lire la suite

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There was a very interesting analysis of the notion of « critique in France in the wake of May 1968. Creative philosophers like Deleuze, Guattari, Lyotard, and Foucault analysed the critical position itself, its negativity ie its founding itself on notions … Lire la suite

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CONCEPTUAL HOMONYMY: Rancière and Badiou on « politics »

« Sir, I have found you an argument; but I am not obliged to find you an understanding« , Samuel Johnson. Supposedly for Badiou « politics » is something totally separate from ontology and also something rare, but is this in fact the case? … Lire la suite

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Bernard Stiegler mentions Bruno Latour critically in an interview cited on the blog THE SEMAPHORE LINE: « Latour is a high-ranking philosophy professor [agrégé de philosophie], a philosopher, but he is in a state of philosophical denial [une dénégation philosophique]. For example, he will … Lire la suite

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THOUGHT OF THE OUTSIDE: Meillassoux’s indebtedness to Blanchot

Quentin Meillassoux has been applauded in some quarters for his bold struggle against correlationism and his appeal for adventurous sallies into what he calls « the Great Outdoors » (le « Grand Dehors »). It has not often been noted that Meillassoux, following in … Lire la suite

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For those who critique my blog as unduly negative or full of nonsense I must admit that I am sorry to create this impression as what I write here is what I really think. Badiou and Laruelle for example have … Lire la suite

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NON-CORRELATIONISM: on the non-ownership of philosophical terminology

This is a response to reading the excellent article by Katerina Kolozova on Laruelle’s non-marxism and on the need for monstrously radical concepts. It confirmed my feeling that the OOOxians’ concept of « correlationism » is a disastrous impoverishment of thought, and … Lire la suite

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ON NON-NARCISSISM: An unsuspected affinity of Derrida with Laruelle

No doubt regretting his recent uncompassionate diatribes against Laruelle, Timothy Morton has managed to find a citation from Derrida, one of his philosophical educators, that has a decidedly Laruellian resonance: « There is not narcissism and non-narcissism; there are narcissisms that … Lire la suite

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