ORDINARY CORRELATION (2): Relaxing the OOOxian cramp

I think that the OOO use of the word “correlation” is not ordinary, and the seeming circle of emprisonment it describes is more a Wittgensteinian “cramp” or contraction produced and propagated by those who pretend to show us the way out, to their “Outside”. The Laruelle/Kolozova sense is more ordinary because less cramped more extended, closer to the source of immanence. The OOOxian sense of correlation is already taken up in the transcendental field, pairing off subjects and objects. It expresses a form of co-constitution, and thus a hallucination, where the relation of correlation is a given relation, an active or passive mirroring. This is Rorty’s Mirror of Nature. For Laruelle, the Real is outside Being in a philosophy-World and so correlation in Laruelle/Kolozova’s sense would seem to be pluralist and processual, and in that sense the relation is not a mirroring or any other given representational relation, but is produced on each occasion.

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