LACAN AND ONTOLOGY: Response to Levi Bryant’s Lacanian “Deleuzism”

Another chapter fragment for my projected book. Having criticised Graham Harman and Levi Bryant separately (GH here, and LB here), I can begin to sketch out some common weaknesses.

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2 Responses to LACAN AND ONTOLOGY: Response to Levi Bryant’s Lacanian “Deleuzism”

  1. ktismatics says:

    “Secondly, the statement quoted from Lacan: “The universe is the flower of rhetoric” is an anti-humanist statement affirming the agency of the signifier and dethroning human agency.”

    It took me a long time to unpack this pithy assertion. You’re saying that Lacan invokes as creator the system and structures of rhetoric, not the human practitioners of rhetoric. Of course it would be pretty strange for me to think of human rhetoricians wearing the crown of creation, bringing forth the universe through their own verbal agency. Both Harman and Bryant have contended that what’s important about OOO isn’t its truth value but its usefulness and its power to influence. Maybe they believe they can remake the universe into objects if they deploy effective rhetorical devices.


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