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Important and interesting interview with Simondon, translated by Andrew Iliadis. Publicités

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Pharmacologie (1)

Pharmacologie du Front national: suivi du vocabulaire d’ars indistrualis (Bibliotheque des Savoirs) (French Edition) by Bernard Stiegler, Victor Petit « Le monde s’individue à travers l’individuation de ceux qui y vivent. Et un monde devient immonde lorsqu’il est devenu un obstacle … Lire la suite

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PRATIQUER LE PHARMAKON (1): Lire c’est participer

Bernard Stiegler vient de publier PHARMACOLOGIE DU FRONT NATIONALE. Pour accompagner le livre et prolonger son propos qu’il ne suffit pas de lire son livre, il faut aussi le pratiquer, il a lancé l’initiative d’une liste de discussion en ligne … Lire la suite

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Graham Harman has yet again published a version of his absurd and utterly refuted claim that an ontology of relation and event cannot explain change (p47). This ignores temporal relations such as relative speeds and accelerations, as well as relative … Lire la suite

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My critique of Graham Harman’s OOP is that it posits as real what is in fact a useless mirror image of common sense and scientific objects that he declares to be « utter shams » (THE THIRD TABLE, p6). His real objects … Lire la suite

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The online journal has just published my article on Badiou’s spatialised pluralism:

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In honor of the recent translations of Laruelle’s work (Struggle and Utopia, Principles, Anti-Badiou), as well as a couple coming out in May (Dictionary, Philosophy and Non-Philosophy), I have decided to post my translation of…

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