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The text of the Gifford lectures. A must read, despite Latour’s emphasis on « diplomacy », and thus of the ideal of a compositional consensus. He emphasises our individuation as « Earthbound » in relation to the individuation of Gaia as a pluralist sublunary process rather than as some overarching entity, divinity or super-organism.

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  1. I’ve seen the first lecture. He seems to be distilling a kind of ‘spiritual’ l.c.d. (lowest common denominator). I’m not necessarily being critical here, with the use of « l.c.d. ». Perhaps I should say secular spirituality, though it seems pretty Greek. Could such reinvention work? Perhaps as a philosophic thought experiment in the academy? Anything more, I’m not so sure.
    Terence, we grew up reading SF. None of the issues that governments claim to worry about are new. Decades have gone by, the species continues with its avaricious games. The ideology of ‘colonisation’ is too deeply ingrained. The species has to go up. Extraterrestrial, and oceanic, settlements are the only way. Sustainability won’t work, so long as there are practices of competitive exploitation in place to generate ‘wealth’ (read: profit). That’s all premised on an oneiric carrot, a libidinal lure: not any holistic understanding of ‘Gaia’ as oikos.
    Without a basic, domestic security for every person, that isn’t dependent on their ability to exploit the ‘free’ market, energies and resources will only circulate around the insular economics of anthropic vanity: people will fight each other to be what they are already. It only leads to more of the same. This can’t, in all fairness, be called ‘progress’.
    I don’t see any value in the idealisation called the ‘human condition’, either. It’s solely a term denoting the coerced character formations of the powerless, that emerge as a result of the prevailing hypocrisies and manipulations used to herd them: those the ‘they’ call ‘successful’ are usually those members of the herd that have learnt to exploit such prevalencies. And everyone follows the dictates of the ‘they’, don’t they? As we all know, if you challenge an Object Oriented Ontologist, he withdraws into the ‘they’…
    So many modular thinkers, parallel processors, whose only desire is not to think.


  2. Reblogged this on Urban Choreography and commented:
    I have been watching these the last few days – one to go – great to have transcript of these for slower perusal.


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