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ON EXITING ALTHUSSER BY MEANS OF LACAN: Against the demi-post-structuralists

The most important step is to get out of the idea of ideology as mere superstructure, as a passive reflection of what goes on in the economic base. Even if this simple picture can be complexified by supplementing it with … Lire la suite

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Why did post-structuralism cease to make use of the concept of ideology? This question is raised in Bernard Stiegler’s new book PHARMACOLOGIE DU FRONT NATIONAL. My understanding of these thinkers (Deleuze, Lyotard, Foucault, Derrida) is that while they may not … Lire la suite

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Feyerabend on Popper’s seminar: « At first sight Popper’s seminar was a freewheeling and disorganised affair. Papers could be interrupted at any point, anyone could open his mouth. A closer look revealed an interesting pattern. If a new student, encouraged by … Lire la suite

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ABSTRACTIVE AND SUBTRACTIVE ONTOLOGIES: The truncated pluralism of Alain Badiou and Graham Harman

We have traversd a period of polarisation during which the neoliberal doxa reigned uncontested almost everywhere, except in a few academic and para-academic enclaves, where a « refined » or aristocratic critique was elaborated. The philosophical result of the exténuation of this … Lire la suite

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Invalidating Stereotypes: if you can’t refute your adversaries’ arguments why not just categorise them out of existence?

Recently I have been called a Deleuzian and also a Feyerabendian, in both cases the aim was to invalidate my intellectual production by confining it to some narrow repetitive predictable category. this is a belated reaction to such intellectual profiling … Lire la suite

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One of the most philosophically interesting experiences in being a foreigner is that you can see how people categorise you almost physically. I have lived in France for 30 years now, but I still have a strong accent. I don’t … Lire la suite

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Theses on Harman’s OOO

1) Harman’s OOO is a variant within the general paradigm set out by Badiou’s philosophy. The terminological differences are important. Badiou speaks in terms of multiples and events, Harman in terms of objects. Badiou explicitly emphasises the pluralist aspect of … Lire la suite

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