This is a translation of the first 22 minutes of Bernard Stiegler’s 2013, class 01, held on April 4th, 2013 .

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  1. noir-realism dit :

    Thanks, Terry, for the superb translation… I liked that he keys in on the similarity of his use of Deleuze as a part of his own history, of his imprisonment and discovery thereby of « quasi-causality » as a survivalist thought. His pharmacological recognition of the origin of knowledge as stupidity… its condition – so to speak, « to think is to have the experience of stupidity » (Deleuze). Great quote:

    « Stupidity is the condition of access to knowledge. What is important is not to never do anything stupid, but to draw the consequences from one’s stupidities, which must be wise consequences. I must become the quasi-cause of my stupidity. That’s the real problem. »

    loved it… of course his key message is that we are all supported by our own biological autonomous systems, the habit formations that go on below the surface of consciousness, the part of our non-reflective organicity that goes without saying, that keeps us alive while our so to speak conscious mind reflects on only a fractional Nth of what is…

    It seems like Steigler, once you grasp his way of speaking, is formidable, and you have clarified with a distinct transliteration his linguistic codes superbly…

    thanks again!


    • terenceblake dit :

      Hello Steven, nice your back; Yes, I think there are so many good things in Stiegler, once you get used to his language. I just read the new Badiou, PORNOGRAPHIE DU TEMPS PRESENT, and it is so weak compared to Stiegler!


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