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6 Responses to NICHOLAS CARR’S “THE SHALLOWS”: Cartoon Summary

  1. Although I am much in favor of more attention and quiet in our modern lives, I think the video rather shallow. It says nothing about different learning modes, for instance. And although present day teenagers tend to be very much ‘distracted’ by all kinds of media, it is apparently not true that they do not learn, or don’t develop deep and personal views of the world. Luckily I am so little focused because of my internet-abuse, that I already forgot the title of the book this video aims to sell :-).


    • dmfant says:

      any evidence for “it is apparently not true that they do not learn, or don’t develop deep and personal views of the world” ? I don’t think that this is new people, have by and large lived their lives in the mirror-realms of the gossip-worlds only now much of their (a)musings (to death?) are on wider/public display.


  2. terenceblake says:

    Hello Angela. You are right, the video is one-sided and superficial (and “shallow”!) and so exemplifies the faults it decries. I think however that the book THE SHALLOWS is very interesting, and suggestive, although ultimately unsatisfying. I put up the link to the video as an amusing postscript to Bernard Stiegler’s seminar of last year, where he discussed the book critically last year. For the seminar, see: (in French). I translated some of the classes into English, basing myself on Stiegler’s notes rather transcribing the video itself:
    One of Stiegler’s criticisms is the same as yours, that digital media can also be a source of different sorts of attention, and of a deepening and not just a “shallowing” of our individuation (individual and collective) and cognition.


  3. I do love me some Nicholas Carr, his work, along with Sherry Turkle, Larry Rosen and Susan Greenfield in this area is important. This is currently my field of examination: human-computer fusion. I have works posted on my site about ‘electronic cocaine’


  4. Carr’s work is SEMINAL


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