From axioms and acceleration to indigenous cosmopolitics

Very interesting reflection on the limits of naturalism from a cosmopolitical pluralist perspective. This is a different angle than my critique of naturalism, but the notion of cosmopolitics is very close to Feyerabend’s notion of « open exchange ». Naive naturalism is critique in its dogmatic scientistic form, imposing, at least in thought, a closed exchange based on the presupposition by one or both sides of a fixed framework of discussion, most often to be decided outside the discussion by power-relations of various sorts. Cosmopolitics is engagement and exchange, where the framework itself is modifiable. For some recent discussion see: and and


I managed to get CosmopoliticsII back from a friend the other day and was led to revisit the last book in the series: The Curse of Tolerance. In the meanwhile, those sections of the interweb I frequent have been a hive of activity and exchange. In light of some recent conversations – one, in particular, coalescing around Levi’s axioms for a dark ontology and Arran James’ post-nihilist praxis (here, here then here), and another engaging with accelerationist theory (from Nietzche through Deleuze to Land and most recently Alex Williams and Nick Srnicek here, here and here <– this last one is a pdf) – I came across some passages from the final two chapters of The Curse of Tolerance: Calculemus and The Final Challenge that I want to quote at length. These passages speak directly to the questions of axiomatics and accelerationism, highlighting their cosmopolitical…

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