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Review of Badiou’s CINEMA

My review of Badiou’s CINEMA has been published in Screening the Past. Advertisements

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Laruelle’s critique of Deleuze can be seen in a strange document responding to Deleuze and Guattari’s WHAT IS PHILOSOPHY?, which was first published in French in 1991, i.e. well inside Laruelle’s “Philosophy II” phase (1981-1995), a period during which he … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Fractal Ontology:
Notes on the Preface of Laruelle’s Critique of Deleuze “There is reason to revolt against the philosophers,” this is where philosophy, in its greatest triumph, only further encourages itself. This is the moment, when philosophy…

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I am trying to see non-philosophy as a path rather than as an illuminated state attained by conversion to a set of principles. The non-philosophical conversion is not an all-or-none once-and-for-all event. It comes in degrees and flashes and may … Continue reading

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From a pluralist point of view, there is no intellectual center of the world, and so there are many important ways of philosophising. We can use this sort of decentred pluralism as a criterion for evaluating the worth of various … Continue reading

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I am ambivalent about non-philosophy and I find that it is only just beginning to become interesting, now that it has become “non-standard” philosophy. Even here sometimes I wonder “What! all this conceptual creation and analysis to get to the … Continue reading

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LARUELLE: undulatory reading vs corpuscular reading

“If one may give advice, it is better to be a floating and inspired reader, as the author must sometimes be, an undulatory reader rather than a corpuscular one. He must begin like one diving into the water or like … Continue reading

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