LARUELLE: undulatory reading vs corpuscular reading

“If one may give advice, it is better to be a floating and inspired reader, as the author must sometimes be, an undulatory reader rather than a corpuscular one. He must begin like one diving into the water or like one who is already in it, like Descartes, who is anxious at getting out of his depth, acts on the flows that carry him and becomes that transcendental swimmer the philosopher, his head both under and out of the water. He will hasten to get out of the water, like the archaic fish, Descartes again, and will support himself on solid ground on his two legs, Being and Thought, discovering that the Sky exists. Unless another destiny is still possible, that the swimmer return to the depths and experience them like that chimera that one could call the*water-fish*” (Laruelle, Philosophie non-standard, p. 10-11).

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