Review of Badiou’s CINEMA

My review of Badiou’s CINEMA has been published in Screening the Past.

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One Response to Review of Badiou’s CINEMA

  1. Tabbrizia says:

    The book succeeds in bringing out the cinematic culture and evolution of cinema throughout time, especially in France. The author touches on various subjects that stand out, with the central theme being the portrayal of films as a thinking vessel that could be interpreted as a form of art that represents human life. The different collections of excerpts across tie also offer a wide view of ideas and information on films. However, the book does not provide certain information and material that would have been useful for comparison and deeper understanding. The drawbacks involve the fact that the author has witnessed and been influenced to a wide extent a single type of film from a single region, that is French films. These offer one perspective of one person from a limited perspective of French films alone, yet there are many regions with a wide variety to make comparisons and explains changes of the society through them.

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