Review of Mehdi Belhaj Kacem’s “Lettre à Tristan Garcia”: Badiou and OOO

Abstract: Kacem highlights the tension between realism and historicity as a basic structural problem for the “post-badiousian” conceptual configuration, including Harman’s OOO in his analysis. The difficulty and the necessity of reconciling realism and the historicity of the sciences is an unresolved problem of contemporary philosophy. Paul Feyerabend gives us useful indications in his article “REALISM AND THE HISTORICITY OF KNOWLEDGE” included as chapter in CONQUEST OF ABUNDANCE, p131-146. Latour helps us think the “historicity” but is not so good on the “realism”, and the reverse is the case with Harman. So the “compatibility” between Harman and Latour is not a given to be explored, but a hybrid that remains to be created. This hybridisation is more at the level of propaganda for the moment, given their notable divergences on the questions of relations, reductionism, and withdrawal.

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