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LATOUR ON INVISIBLE ENTITIES: Relativist Tolerance of Superstition or Ontological Pluralism?

Discussing « pluralism » or the « pluralist » in general can be in itself a conceptually regressive gesture, creating the danger of conflating the pluralist with the relativist, or confusing pluralism with social constructionism. As these latter positions are relatively easy to refute, … Lire la suite

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IMAGINARY PLURALISM AND SECOND-HAND REALISM: Against the Empire of Fictitious Adversaries and Straw-Man Arguments

Philip of CIRCLING SQUARES published a very interesting post in reply to Levi Bryant’s call for an inter-blog dialogue over the compatibility of pluralism and realism. Philip remarks, quite correctly, that: « Ontologically and metaphysically the idea of realist pluralism is … Lire la suite

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PLURALISM, HISTORICITY, AND REALISM: the case of Paul Feyerabend

A liberation from the abstract and rigid conceptual schemas of standard philosophy is possible, if we think and act outside its stable frameworks and fixed paths. This is what I call “diachronic ontology”. A consequent philosophical pluralism has its own … Lire la suite

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PHILOSOPHY, HEURISTICS, SPECTACLES: Levi Bryant on the value of conceptual investigation

Levi Bryant has published a thoughtful post on what philosophy is. I think he expresses an important point in deceptively simple language. He declares: « philosophy is the critical and reflective investigation of basic concepts that guide our investigation of the … Lire la suite

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I initially began blogging with an idea of individuation, as expressing all that I could not express in the ordinary conversations of daily life. There is a sort of excess, a surplus potential energy, that is not, at least in … Lire la suite

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Bernard Stiegler, Cognition, Knowledge

When I say that intentionality is not definitory of subjectivity but rather a secondary formation, I am thinking of Deleuze’s idea that what is primary are affective states, qualitative apprehensions that create a moment of indetermination in the input-output causal … Lire la suite

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For reference, this gathers together the various posts from eight months ago, that Scott thanked me for doing:

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Felix Guattari and Bernard Stiegler: Towards a Post-Darwinian Synthesis

Guattari’s move from “schizoanalysis” to the “ecosophy” of his later years  does not constitute a change in paradigm or the proposition of a new theoretical model. In both cases his concern is not with the elaboration of any particular theory … Lire la suite

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BERNARD STIEGLER: Vers un nouveau contrat social du savoir

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On the « brain » as the pseudo-materialist equivalent of the subject

Do we have cognition of climate change? As individual observers we have cognition of the weather now, and via memory we can recall past meteorological occurences, make comparisons, induce tendencies. But as individual acts, these cognitive operations are fraught with … Lire la suite

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