Despite the effort of some scientistic throwbacks (as Latour exclaims ironically: “Where have they been”) to just define pluralism over the protestations of those who have gone some way along that track, some blog posts have tried to give an account of how things look from an actual pluralist perspective. It is a desolating experience to see the scientistic rationalists up to their old tactics of “We’ll define your position for you, now stop protesting and defend the position as we define it against our objections”.

A few posts:

Footnotes 2 Plato on “Life in the Pluriverse: Towards a Realistic Pluralism

Circling Squares on “Reply to Levi on pluralism, etc.

Knowledge Ecology on “Three Types of Pluralism”

Also Critical Animal has centralised a lot of links on “The Pluralism Wars” and “Pluralism Wars: Strike Back Against the Empire


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3 Responses to UPGRADING OUR IDEA OF PLURALISM: a few blog posts

  1. Bill Benzon says:

    As this (sudden) interest in pluralism been prompted by Latour’s latest book?


  2. terenceblake says:

    The positive aspect is that much of this discussion is inspired by Latour’s book. The negative aspect is that it was in answer to Bryant’s demand for an inter-blog discussion, and may serve as hype for his forthcoming book.


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