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My Xenogenesis Continues

Thanks to everyone who responded with encouragement and kind words. I feel the need to change my way of interacting with the ideas and people I encounter on the internet. Bernard Stiegler this year in his seminar is talking a … Lire la suite

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PETER GRATTON: My Talk in Dublin Last Night

Initialement publié sur PHILOSOPHY IN A TIME OF ERROR :
It was wonderful to meet some good friends in Dublin–a really incisive collective of people. (Greatly, Paul Ennis turned out to be as nihilistic and funny as I found him in…

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If there is anyone who wishes that I continue my blog, even without agreeing with me, please click like, as I am sick of being boycotted and may stop.

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In Levi Bryant’s terms, the « obscurantists » (who are everywhere) are those who think that materialism is « reductionist ». Yet Bryant does not distinguish between different forms of reductionism, and a non-materialist philosopher like Harman could easily respond with a tu quoque, … Lire la suite

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READING ONTO-CARTOGRAPHY (1): Doctor Levi and Professor Bryant

ONTO-PARANOIA: THE HEGEMONY OF BAD ONTOLOGIES The introduction to Levi Bryant’s new book begins with a condemnation of the « obscurantists », who « argue that materialism is reductive, mechanistic » (ONTO-CARTOGRAPHY, 1). This is in line with Bryant’s defence of a hard and … Lire la suite

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In this text (revised and completed) I consider the contradiction between Levi Bryant’s desire to inherit and carry further certain progressive post-structuralist themes and his allegiance to the regressive schemas of object-oriented ontology.

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« WITHDRAWAL » SYMPTOM: on the conceptual pathology of OOO

Graham Harman introduced the pathological notion of withdrawal to reconfine speculative realism (without the scare-quotes or capital letters) inside the monist prison, arguing that this imprisonment was necessary to permit us to escape the constructivist nightmare. « Withdrawal », whether strong (as … Lire la suite

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