My Xenogenesis Continues

Thanks to everyone who responded with encouragement and kind words.

I feel the need to change my way of interacting with the ideas and people I encounter on the internet. Bernard Stiegler this year in his seminar is talking a lot about passing from expression as contribution to a more collective form of individuation. His solution is the forming of a group of “indexers”, whose contribution would be dependent on mastering a common language of categories, permitting shared processes of commentary and indexation. A key practice is the indexation of temporal objects, particularly indexing the videos of Stiegler’s courses by means of the programme “lignes de temps”. I cannot bring myself to follow someone to that degree, and am looking around for other ways of individuating, via digital technologies, that still give an important place to contribution to a community, however fragmented and dispersed, however pluralist and anarchist. Hence the new blog: XENO SWARM, and the reprise of the philosophical podcast: AGENT SWARM PODCAST. I am also planning to begin an SF review and comments podcast: XENO SWARM PODCAST.

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3 Responses to My Xenogenesis Continues

  1. The link to Xeno Swarm doesn’t work.


  2. dmf says:

    glad to see you finding your own way/voice and looking forward to the new sites/directions


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