THE OOO DELUSION: A Twist in my Sobriety

Corry Shores has given an excellent account of my current conceptual-existential dilemma on his very interesting blog Pirates & Revolutionaries. I am cross-posting my reply here:

Hello Cory, I feel your dilemma too. Faced with the dangerous doses of negativity that I deal with I have even decided to create a new blog where I “D nce n ked with my body on the high hill of happiness”, devoted mainly to philosophy and SF, with a very Deleuzian bent: However, my original blog is full of far more positive posts than critical ones. I take seriously Deleuze’s idea that one of the tasks of philosophy is to “strike a blow against stupidity”, and that Deleuze and Guattari’s polemic in print against psychoanalysis lasted 9 years (from ANTI-OEDIPUS 1972 to A THOUSAND PLATEAUS 1981). And sometimes when I am critiquing OOO I am dancing, some of it is good. Further, I have been ignored by the OOO crowd for a long time. Once again I am reminded of Lacan’s telling his followers to avoid any reference to ANTI-OEDIPUS, and so ensure that it would sink without a trace. No doubt this strategy had already been employed with success on other dissidents and critics, but this time it did not quite work. OOO has used the same technique. For example on the now defunct blog: The more recent strategy has been for lower-ranking OOO followers to tell me earnestly that I should go and devote myself to something I like. So I am being told by the people I critique to stop, in the name of positivity. Yet they are busy propagating a false image of Deleuze, a deformed stupid caricature of his thought.

Anyhow, I was feeling down, and I had just been talking with my wife about how unfulfilling my engagement with OOO has been, when I saw your post linking to Clifford’s poem. It described my state exactly, and invoked the same medicine that I always use, and had begun to apply again: more Deleuze.

I may add that I live in Nice, not far from where Nietzsche used to lodge and only five minutes from its Castle Hill. I often go to the top where there is a small group I can practice tai chi with; So I do dance with my body on the high hill of happiness, and even if I’m not physically naked, meditation in movement is nakedness.

Thanks for giving echo to my enterprise, and for the just assessment that I am expressing a problem rather than a solution.

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One Response to THE OOO DELUSION: A Twist in my Sobriety

  1. Corry Shores says:

    [This reply is also found under your comment on my blog] Many thanks to you Terence for your comments and all the great work you do and make freely available. After reading yours and other comments I now see better how I am oversimplifying your situation to fit my dichotomy. Your other blog Xeno Swarm looks great and very interesting. I will surely be reading it. I notice also your mention there of Harman, so I am seeing better that critique can be conducted without getting mired. The tai chi meditation on the hill top sounds incredible! And I realize also now that I misrepresent what you were saying about feeling. So I added to the blog a notice at the beginning asking readers to check the comments so to be aware of these problems. I also now realize I do something similar with Clifford Duffy. When I have scholarly questions about Deleuze and Guattari, I often turn to him and learn a great deal from him. I do not mention that along with being an amazing poet he as well is a very accomplished scholar and philosopher. I read his PhD dissertation a while ago, and I was very impressed. As well, I am probably being unfair to Harman too. I do not substantiate anything that I say regarding his ideas, so that is another problem. At any rate, whether my post conveys this or not, I am very sympathetic to your situation, and given the quality of your work, I believe it will all pay off in the end. Let’s see what comes of this chapter Harman says he plans to devote to your commentaries!


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