Very interesting and well-argued paper by Christopher Watkin. His concept of a necessary, and non-harmful, “primo-anthropocentrism” is close to what Mehdi Belhaj Kacem calls a “necessary anthropologism” that he ties to the existence of Badiousian truth-events (or paradigm change). For a summary see my article/review of Belhaj Kacem’s  LETTRE A TRISTAN GARCIA. Belhaj Kacem finds that Meillassoux’s system as it stands is incapable of accounting for scientific progress, even if Meillassoux does leave room for such progress by refusing a synchronic naturalism fixated on the present state of science. Belhaj Kacem reiterates this claim from another angle in his forthcoming book on Meillassoux. I have translated and explicated a small fragment on this point here.

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