but… I’m not a materialist

I accuse Harman of ideological regression, but not of materialism: https://www.academia.edu/7211852/HARMAN_AND_PARMENIDES_OOOs_Abandon_of_Speculation_about_the_Real

Object-Oriented Philosophy

Someone sent me THIS RECORDING of Žižek’s recent lecture at Birkbeck, in which Jane Bennett and I are described as new materialists.

I love Žižek, but that isn’t very precise on his part. Bennett is a materialist, and I am not. I am neither a “new” materialist nor an “old” one.

It continually puzzles me when people assume that “object-oriented” means “materialist.” It doesn’t. I think the reason that people like Žižek always say this is because, to them, all philosophies that do not put the human subject at the center of the action look alike.

Žižek can accuse others of “ideological regression” all he likes, but he’s the one who’s stuck with an 1810-era dismissal of realism, not me.

But I’ll have a book on Žižek and Badiou coming out fairly soon, and will resume the debate there. Those two are unquestionably the two dominant living figures in continental philosophy, and they deserve a serious response…

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