Tom Sparrow’s THE END OF PHENOMENOLOGY: context

Very interesting dialogue with Tom Sparrow about his new book THE END OF PHENOMENOLOGY: storified here.

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5 Responses to Tom Sparrow’s THE END OF PHENOMENOLOGY: context

  1. James Luchte says:

    I am skeptical whenever anyone posits the ‘end of…’ It is perhaps certain that the best philosophers have been refuted the most…


  2. terenceblake says:

    Hello James, thank you for your quick response. It is true that the operator “the end of – ” is very often both pretentious and dogmatic. Even Nietzsche’s death of God needs to be reinterpreted constantly in a sociological context that seems to contradict it. I have stated at the outset my reservations about the project of this book but I will be reading and posting about it. One of my constant demands is to get the discussion of OOO texts outside the incestuous ghetto. I will be reading and posting about this book. If you can help me out in making the discussion wider than the usual partisan publicity I would be very grateful. I have already come out in favour of your evaluation and commentary on Badiou. If you wanted to say more on this topic of phenomenology vs speculative realism I would be only too happy to have such a conversation.


  3. Leon says:

    I’m in for discussion. I know Sparrow quite well. Perhaps he can be rescued from the OOO ghetto. Let us show him philosophically why it should be the “end of” fad (and bad philosophy) passing for anything more.


  4. terenceblake says:

    Too long have OOO partisans tended to “withdraw” from discussion. Their attemps to creat an OOO Kuhnian paradigm as unquestioned background for normal theoretical activity is entering a new phase with its recent “make books not blogs” marketing strategy. Yet dialogue, while now more difficult, still seems most worthwhile.


  5. Agreed with you tereneeblake


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