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I wrote my text before the final Event, but much of what I said was confirmed by the objections of the 7 chargés d’affaires: ON THE EXISTENCE OF BRUNO LATOUR’S MODES. Advertisements

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Le mythe de la science pure

Originally posted on Et vous n'avez encore rien vu…:
Les catastrophes scientifiques seraient le fruit des sciences appliquées par des industriels ou des États. Mais existe-t-il une science pure dénuée d’intérêt et sans lien avec les puissants ? La différence…

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CLIVE HAMILTON: Gaia Does Not Negotiate

I had the pleasure of being Clive Hamilton’s personal interpreter for the final AIME conference. I gave him oral summaries in English of the French interventions, and in written form a synthesis of the principal points of discussion and dispute. … Continue reading

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DO WE NEED A COMMON GROUND? The case of Bruno Latour and Bernard Stiegler

I have given many arguments (for example here) to show that while AIME is advancing in the right direction, it is not going as far as it could in terms of pluralism, and that there is something shaky, to say … Continue reading

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TAKE AIME: some reactions to the final AIME conference

My feelings about the AIME conference are mixed. Everything went smoothly and I was very happy to be there. I thought that there was a very good ambiance, a convivial affect, but the exchanges remained mainly at the superficial level. … Continue reading

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Commentary on the incipit to Derrida’s essay, originally a talk given in October 1966, STRUCTURE, SIGN AND PLAY IN THE DISCOURSE OF THE HUMAN SCIENCES La structure, le signe et le jeu dans le discours des sciences humaines (Jacques Derrida, … Continue reading

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“It is most strange that the first Greek works on being concluded that continuity and self-identity ought to be drawn from being when literally all the grammatical examples – even Aristotle’s categories – stated the exact opposite, deploying the others … Continue reading

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