My review of Graham Harman’s THE THIRD TABLE has now exceeded 3,000 views on Neither Harman nor any of his acolytes has ever given any response to my arguments.

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  1. shon says:

    Thank you for verifying my suspicions about this. I am not a philosopher, but an artist endeavouring to understand ways of thinking the things that somewhat mysteriously arrive by way of my inquiring hands. I thought I had yet to reach the nub of Harman’s argument, when I found myself out in the cold, facing a firmly closed door on reality. Really, I love his writing, but he is a tease, telling this mighty tale and then declaring that, not only does it not continue indefinitely, but that it comes to an end in a place we can never know. As an artist with my hands in the muck, what I do find exciting about his work is the idea of “notes”, that objects exchange them with one another, at the level of qualities, through what he calls allure, but which could be called any range of things I imagine. This idea of a babble of “voices” passing between things on all sides, is enough to enliven my grasp on the material world with which I am constantly fascinated.

    Thank you for this much needed blog. It is so very clear and refreshing. I would hope that Graham Harman respond to your postings!


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