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The quasi-totality of Laruelle’s work is marked by the drive to go beyond the habitual confines of philosophical thought. This drive to genericity while praiseworthy in itself has had some unfortunate repercussions on Laruelle’s texts. He spends much time alluding … Lire la suite


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AGAINST RELIGION-ORIENTED PHILOSOPHY: the hi-jacking of Laruelle by the religionists

One must never forget that the same Laruelle who wrote INTRODUCTION TO NON-MARXISM later wrote SCIENCE OF CHRIST and CHRISTO-FICTION. Whatever the strategic calculations of the publication of translation decide, the translators of Laruelle are predominantly « religionist » and have their … Lire la suite

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I think many people would be willing to take the quantum leap if it were not for the Christic obstacle. My duty is merely to remind people that the author of non-marxism went on to write christo-fiction. Of course, the … Lire la suite

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There is not the slightest sign of quantum thinking in the English-speaking followers of Laruelle, except for Drew Burk. The others are all at the stage of non-philosophy, that is to say of relativistic thought perforated, at best, by the … Lire la suite

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This is a critical look at Laruelle’s recent « science in christ » material, which I argue does not attain a generic background but rather foregrounds sub-generic vocabulary No name is generic in itself nor is any name necessarily deprived of genericity, … Lire la suite

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HARMAN’S RE-NOUMENISING OF PHILOSOPHY: abstraction-oriented ontology

Graham Harman is renowned and even praised for a philosophy that is the exact opposite of his own, but that he himself has done everything in his power to encourage people to believe is his. Even the name given to … Lire la suite

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CONFESSIONS OF AN ONTO-NAUT: Latour’s post-empirical autobiographical vindication of religion

The best approach to understanding Bruno Latour’s AN INQUIRY INTO MODES OF EXISTENCE is to read it through Nietzschean spectacles, viewing it as confession and autobiography disguised as anthropology. It’s title should have been CONFESSIONS OF AN ONTO-NAUT, as Latour … Lire la suite

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Stengers on the pharmakon, anticapitalist struggle and creation in the face of the ecological crisis

Initialement publié sur Intra-Being :
The following is a passage I just translated from Stengers’ Au temps des catastrophes: Résister à la barbarie qui vient. Looking back over the last few years, since I have been engaged in some more serious…

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Many may have become interested, or involved, in OOO because of its appeal to a mythic underpinning to its grand narrative about the history of philosophy. Disappointment and despair at the wasteland of academic philosophy, the discovery of an online … Lire la suite

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DE-NOUMENISING THE DEBATE (1): Pete Wolfendale’s creative disappointment with OOO

This is a commentary on Pete Wolfendale’s preface to his forthcoming book THE NOUMENON’S NEW CLOTHES. Levi Bryant, in an amusing diversion of OOO’s ontological vocabulary for personal polemics, raises the question of « why Pete has obsessively and endlessly written … Lire la suite

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