Someone on the AA (Academics Anonymous) thread that originated with the reblog of my post on 16 traits of Continental Philosophy (but quickly, after snubbing the post spinned off into some strange autistic free associations around theirown experience and defintion of Continental philosophy as taught by them) regretted my “peculiar Deleuzian emphasis”. For me “Deleuzian” is a compliment. It means both dense and intense, a pulsation between concept and affect. An underwriting of conceptual competence with affective performance.

French philosophy, and here I am including both structuralism and poststructuralism, underwent a “semiotic turn” (in the sense of Greimas’s semiotics and also of Culioli’s enunciative linguistics), whose imprint can be found in Lacan and Derrida, Deleuze and Latour, Foucault and Badiou. “Hermeneutics” was adopted but reworked from the semiotic point of view, and the hermeneutico-semiotic decomposition of competences into performances is a good definition of a general idea of deconstruction such as it can be found in all these thinkers.

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