AGAINST RELIGION-ORIENTED PHILOSOPHY: the hi-jacking of Laruelle by the religionists

One must never forget that the same Laruelle who wrote INTRODUCTION TO NON-MARXISM later wrote SCIENCE OF CHRIST and CHRISTO-FICTION. Whatever the strategic calculations of the publication of translation decide, the translators of Laruelle are predominantly “religionist” and have their own ideological agenda. A religion-oriented philosophy as interpretation of Laruelle would be a shame, given his non-standard potential. Being “non-standard” in religionist circles is no guarantee of being non-standard in the wider philosophical culture.

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4 Responses to AGAINST RELIGION-ORIENTED PHILOSOPHY: the hi-jacking of Laruelle by the religionists

  1. landzek says:

    It is interesting: Laurelle himself ponders NP being made into another philosophical object. But for ‘philosophical faith’ what is there to be had if not the religious/ philosophical polemic?


    • terenceblake says:

      The leap of faith is supposed to be also a quantum leap, hence the Christic contortions to get faith and quantum to be compossible.


      • landzek says:

        I don’t think they can. Or rather. Faith is that possibility. And you just gave me evidence for my discussion about Laruelle. Does L speak about this leap in Chrito Fiction? Interesting Kierkegaard also posits a ‘quantum ‘.


  2. waldgaenger says:

    Suspending philosophy in order to make room for religious speculation or mystic quietism is the sort of antiphilosophical move Badiou has rightly inveighed against in Pascal, Wittgenstein etc. Non-philosophy is to move alongside philosophy, watching every step it makes, every breath it takes, but not superseding it. And especially not replacing it by religion.


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