There is not the slightest sign of quantum thinking in the English-speaking followers of Laruelle, except for Drew Burk. The others are all at the stage of non-philosophy, that is to say of relativistic thought perforated, at best, by the unilateral foreclusion of the (non)-One. Even such an insightful commentator as Katerina Kolozova is pre-quantal in her equation of the Real and trauma, as the unilateral perforation of relativistic worlds by the Real is no doubt experienced as traumatic. “Experienced” but not lived, as the lived-without-life is not encapsulated inside relativistic worlds but transits, without perforation, quantically from the Real traversing the worlds non-traumatically. If one can quantize Christ and “his” logia (in fact these logia are retrospectively attributed to Jesus and not to Christ) then there is no reason why one cannot quantize Deleuze. The critical stance towards Deleuze is a leftover from the old non-philosophy days. Indeed, Deleuze himself realised this operation of self-quantisation by means of his collaboration with Guattari.

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