There is not the slightest sign of quantum thinking in the English-speaking followers of Laruelle, except for Drew Burk. The others are all at the stage of non-philosophy, that is to say of relativistic thought perforated, at best, by the unilateral foreclusion of the (non)-One. Even such an insightful commentator as Katerina Kolozova is pre-quantal in her equation of the Real and trauma, as the unilateral perforation of relativistic worlds by the Real is no doubt experienced as traumatic. « Experienced » but not lived, as the lived-without-life is not encapsulated inside relativistic worlds but transits, without perforation, quantically from the Real traversing the worlds non-traumatically. If one can quantize Christ and « his » logia (in fact these logia are retrospectively attributed to Jesus and not to Christ) then there is no reason why one cannot quantize Deleuze. The critical stance towards Deleuze is a leftover from the old non-philosophy days. Indeed, Deleuze himself realised this operation of self-quantisation by means of his collaboration with Guattari.

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