I think many people would be willing to take the quantum leap if it were not for the Christic obstacle. My duty is merely to remind people that the author of non-marxism went on to write christo-fiction. Of course, the principle of sufficiency gives the normative evaluations, so there is no “obligation” to go quantum. I would emphasise that to attain the quantum it is best to first get the relativity correct, which is something that I do not think Laruelle succeeds in doing in this instance. For me the most interesting thing in his Cerisy talk on this subject was his tiny allusion to his own “personal myth”, a Jungian concept. My thesis is as always that Jung is both the precursor and the often unavowed source of much of Deleuze’s and Laruelle’s work. Jung worked for many years with Pauli, a leading quantum physicist, in particular on the notion of synchronicity as an acausal principle and we are only now catching up.

Prehistory: I read some extracts of the book translated into English. I found them intriguing but obscure, so I tried to clarify them by means of Bruno Latour. Laruelle himself says he has always made use of such a “collider” approach, working constantly with two philosophers and making them enter into collision to overcome their incompleteness and to attain genericity.

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