LARUELLE QUOTES: quantum escape from philosophical hell

I have started a new blog on tumblr called Laruelle Quotes to try and get out of the intellectual rut that I have been stuck in lately due to my engagement with philosophical ideas that have been enclosed within non-communicating philosophical worlds. The superposition of such closed worlds is Laruelle’s definition of Hell. I have been subjected to such Hell for the last four years, and this new blog is part of my escape strategy.

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5 Responses to LARUELLE QUOTES: quantum escape from philosophical hell

  1. landzek says:

    It is quite ironic to me that I have been having the same cognition lately :))

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  2. terenceblake says:

    The bad news is that there are walls between these worlds, walls of dogmatism and walls of silence. The good news is these wall will not stop us if we proceed by quantum tunneling and leakage.


  3. waldgaenger says:

    What if this philosophical hell is like the hotel California – you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave?


  4. terenceblake says:

    Then all is lost and we are condemned to the black hole of hermeneutic and existential closure.


  5. Michael- says:

    Laruelle has a lot to offer. I wish I wasn’t deathly afraid that his thought is so close to mine, only better articulated, that I would lose my own originality in his nuance. Looking forward to reading that tumblr though…


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