I have been called to task for some over-heated twitter exchanges and feel the need to give a little context. My twitter spats unfortunately do not give an adequate idea of the degree of conceptual and argumentative engagement that I have brought to analysing the relations between Continental Philosophy and pluralism. For that one must look to my two blogs (Agent Swarm and Xeno Swarm), and to my two tumblrs (Agent Swarm and Laruelle Quotes). I have done some sequences of tweets that I am proud of, and I have regretfully come to the conclusion that in my case twitter is more suited to a monologic form of high intensity intuitive exploration.Some of this I can work up into blog articles, the rest must be discarded as digital dross.

On the question of my supposed “craving” of dialogue with exemplary philosophical figures, this corresponds to about the first two years of my blogging experience, from August 2010 to end 2012. I progressively gave up on that desire, as far as a widening circle of academics is concerned. I cannot speak for Wolfendale, but I hold no grudge where he is concerned, and I will be reviewing his book (in fact I have already begun to blog on the preface: https://terenceblake.wordpress.com/2014/09/25/de-noumenising-the-debate-1-pete-wolfendales-creative-disappointment-with-ooo/). By now anyone who cares about this philosophical microcosm should be aware that I say what I think, independent of party lines.

A good example of this is that my “spat” with Pete came about because I spoke up in favour of Robert Jackson, who has consistently denigrated my work as “streams of vicious nonsense”. So I should have just let him crumple. However in this instance I found Pete’s critique unjustified and argued in defence of Jackson’s idea. The affective field here was quite complex, and I just waded in regardless, and the end result in the short term was bad feeling between me and Pete, and Robert extracting a triumphantly demeaning story involving me, that he promptly storified, and that I was obliged to counter-storify.

The long term perspective is far more positive. My ethical leap in response to all that has been my new tumblr: http://laruellequotes.tumblr.com/ and my decision to review Pete’s book. I have decided to submit all my interlocutors to a form of non-philosophical reduction, and to engage with them on a case by case basis, as if their philosophical movements and obediences were phantasms that exist only for them, and not for me. A preliminary Laruellian generic mea culpa and quantum re-orientation can be found here: https://terenceblake.wordpress.com/2014/08/20/pauline-pluralism-and-the-quantum-overcoming-of-resentment-a-generic-self-critique/.

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