MEHDI BELHAJ KACEM AND HARMAN: nihilism and intensity

Mehdi Belhaj Kacem argues that the quest for newness which characterises modernity has led to a lowering of intensity, a generalised depression. The solution he proposes is not to replace the quest for the new with something else, which would be a contradictory gesture, still playing the same old game of the new, and yet pretending it was different (something « else » = something « new », again)! The idea is to live in the drive to newness but change our relation to it, so as to reintensify it.

I think this sort of concern is behind Alexander Galloway’s critique of Harman’s OOP that it is a truncated Badiousian ontology: Being without the event. Any intensity in Harman’s system is uniquely at the unreal « sensual » level. This means that the deep « real » level is not intensive but rather extensive, containing « equally » real objects. Any values we may consider are sensual too, defining OOP as a form of nihilism in which all values are voided of any application to the real.

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