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This is the full version of the paper I gave at the Zurich Conference: WITHIN THE DOMAIN OF THE SUN’S INVERSE ABSTRACT: Paul Feyerabend is often associated with a destructive criticism leading to an anarchism that flouts every rule and … Lire la suite

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(Auto)biography and Derrida II (finished reading)

Initialement publié sur angelaroothaan :
It created a trip down memory lane, to read the Derrida biography. At first because I saw the rebelliousness of some of my generation in the 70ties as the echoes of the anti-traditionalist choices of the…

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WITHIN THE DOMAIN OF THE SUN’S INVERSE: Computation, Speculation, and Cosmos

I am looking forward to participating in this very interesting event:

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FROM RELATIVIST EPISTEMOLOGY TO PLURALIST ONTOLOGY: The pluralist realism of Paul Feyerabend and Bruno Latour

I have just completed a paper on Feyerabend and Latour’s realist pluralism. This synthesises and extends my contributions to the Pluralism Wars and hopefully puts an end to the conflation of realist pluralism with cultural relativism. link.

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FROM LATOUR TO LYOTARD: Gaia needs cosmos

It is not sufficient to append the prefix « cosmo- » to one’s position to be sure of escaping anthropocentrism. In the case of Bruno Latour, « cosmopolitics » sounds promising, but he ultimately ties it to our status as « earth-bound » as some sort … Lire la suite


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Bruno Latour’s book AN INQUIRY INTO MODES OF EXISTENCE presents itself as containing not just a theory of and an appeal to empirical metaphysics, but as an actual example of such a practice. Empiricism is closely linked to the notion … Lire la suite

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« PLATO WAS WRONG »: Michel Serres on finding truth in the cavern

« The night is the model for our knowledge, not the day. We enter a classroom, we enter a museum like entering a cavern. The cavern is the place of knowledge…Plato was wrong, to see truth as a sun is a … Lire la suite

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OBJECTS AS DE-WORLDED BEINGS: Harman’s contracted ontology

Harman’s solution to the problem of hermetically sealed understandings of being, or incommensurable worlds, is the exact opposite of that of Hubert Dreyfus, and very close to Badiou’s solution in maintaining that « mathematics is ontology ».Harman’s solution is to posit the … Lire la suite

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REPLY TO THE QUESTION: Does philosophy make us better?

I began philosophy because I read things like Bertrand Russell’s ON DENOTING and his neutral monism in THE ANALYSIS OF MIND, extracts from Whitehead’s PROCESS AND REALITY, and Nietzsche’s TWILIGHT OF THE IDOLS ECCE HOMO when I was 15, and … Lire la suite

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WOLFENDALE, HARMAN, AND INCOMMENSURABILITY: or why people may find OOO appealing

Behind the question of correlationism lies the problem of the blockage to communication, discussion, and exchange posed by the existence of incommensurable systems of thought and worldviews. Graham Harman’s OOO tries to answer this problem but the solution is unacceptable, … Lire la suite

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