I shall continue thinking and writing about my ideas in philosophy, researching and developing religious, epistemological and ontological pluralism, exploring the relations between philosophy and science fiction, combating the academic cliques and cartels.

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me and who welcomed my contributions. I am a passionate amateur, as I have no professional status in philosophy. This should not be a hindrance to philosophical expression and exchange, and my texts are written and published out of the democratic attitude that an open exchange is possible and fruitful.

Those who constantly prate about talking back to power do not like it when one talks back to them, with their tiny little power. The mere fact that someone with an alternative view exists and wishes to get it a fair hearing is a provocation to such closed minds, who move in closed circles and wish to keep it that way.

In an interview concerning the « individual » nature of his films, Jean-Luc Godard replied that he made his films to show that it was possible, that one could create outside the imposed stereotypes, according to one’s own vision and criteria, and receive the support necessary to keep going. I have always written in this spirit. I toe no party line and belong to no team. If I can do this so can you.

Do not be discouraged by bluffs and pretence, by gangs and bullies. Laugh at the dogmatism, the collective narcissism and the cowardice of those who hide behind a wall of silence. Do not leave them in peace with their self-elected peers, and their social and intellectual comfort zones. Their books, their ideas, their favourite authors, belong to us too. We do not need to be diplomatic or to ask for their authorisation. Democracy has primacy over diplomacy.

Occupy the spaces of speculation and open your own spaces, multiply the frameworks, unleash the becomings and enter into the metamorphosis, find or create your own modes of existence, and free the exchanges.

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3 commentaires pour PLURALIST GREETINGS

  1. Naxos dit :

    Thanks for the encouraging words, Terence, not everyone is truly in conditions to give them the extraordinary sense they mean, and makes me happy that I can count myself among that intensive minority. It is great to see and experiment in flesh, that we have done our own work, and that such a fact, the experience of thought, is what nurtures our lives. I am convinced that doing this, moved by no interest than itself, is what makes this world worth. And each time we think about it, the lighter we become, and the more we leave aside the herd that want us to crawl with them 😉

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  2. Leon dit :

    Great, Terry. Never give up despite those cronies who, through rather vainly ignoring you, try to silence you. Don’t be silenced. Continue to produce the excellent work that you do.

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  3. Beautifully said. What would it look like if each of the billions of people felt that they could contribute to the philosophical conversations in society? That is unbelievable energy there to be unleashed. Thank you for a wonderful and passionate statement of this potential.

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