BLOG TIPS (1): always make a copy of your comment before posting it

Update: my comment of today now appears, but the original instance never did.

Sometimes when you make a comment on the blogosphere it just disappears for no apparent reason. This is why you should always make a copy of your comment before posting it. For example, on the NewApps blog Catarina Dutilh Novaes has been doing a very interesting series of posts on genealogy and philosophy. I commented saying that she could add Feyerabend to her list of genealogical philosophers, and she asked me where this aspect of Feyerabend’s work was to be found. My reply disappeared but luckily I had made a copy and I posted it with an explanation on her google+ page:

Hello Catarina, you asked me for bibliographical references on the comments section of your post on newapps, and I posted a reply a week and a half ago, but it still hasn’t appeared. On the off chance that I had made a mistake I tried again today but my comment was immediately deleted. This is why I almost always post a copy of any comments I make on my own blog as well. In reply to your question I wrote:

“Once you know it’s there you can see that “genealogy” is everywhere in Feyerabend. For example in AGAINST METHOD from the considerations on history and complexity in the first chapter to the call for a reform of education in terms of the “historical approach” (his expression for genealogy) in the last. He thematises it a little more in “Realism and the Historicity of Knowledge”, reprinted in CONQUEST OF ABUNDANCE”.

Best wishes for your project on genealogical method and philosophy, Terence.

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