BBT again…

Bakker’s Blind Brain Theory (BBT) is a rhetorically inflated non-theory, that cannot coherently be formulated.


A couple months ago Scott Bakker wrote a column for Scientia Salon about his Blind Brain theory. I’d written an extensive response but left it unpublished. Yet again, the issue has come up now on Ed Feser’s blog and Bakker’s site. I find Feser’s objections cogent ( that, ultimately, it is incoherent) and feel the need to post how I spelled this out for myself months ago. I have left out some extensive comments which I hope to post soon – namely showing decisively, I think, that Scott’s theory without the proper constraints is disastrous for Science itself. In this excerpt I was replying to Bakker’s example of Geocentrism being an indictment of metacognition. Obviously, I’ve made some minor edits to converse more directly with the current debate. Enjoy or not:

Why is “metacognition” as a type implicated in Geocentrism and not Scientific cognition? Many scientific theories are wrong and…

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