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Laruelle has trouble freeing himself from the Lacanian and Althusserian vocabulary of his formative years, which perhaps explains his obsessive focus on “science” as a way out of that marasm. This has led to a Lacanian reading where Laruelle theorises … Lire la suite

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I found Laruelle’s book CHRISTO-FICTION intriguing but obscure, so I tried to clarify it by means of a comparison with Bruno Latour’s writings on religion. Laruelle himself says he has always made use of such a “collider” approach, working constantly … Lire la suite

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LARUELLE AND DELEUZE: from difference to multiplicity

Laruelle ‘s critique of the system of difference as found in the work of Heidegger, Derrida, Foucault and Deleuze repeats belatedly Deleuze’s own self-criticism of his pre-Guattari phase as being still entangled in the domain of representation. More generally, Laruelle, … Lire la suite

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LARUELLE: From Non-Philosophy to Non-Standard Philosophy

First draft of a general overview of Laruelle’s evolution. In this text am trying to see non-philosophy as a path rather than as an illuminated state attained by conversion to a set of principles. The non-philosophical conversion is not an … Lire la suite

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DRAMATISATION AND THE QUESTION Mood, Mode Deleuze and Guattari’s last collaborative work, WHAT IS PHILOSOPHY?, was published in 1991. The book, whose title is a question, begins in the interrogative mood, in the modality of uncertainty. Its first sentence is: … Lire la suite

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Les anglais schizos dans la vie quotidienne et cartésiens dans la théorie, les français cartésiens dans la vie quotidienne et schizos dans la théorie? Très intéressante ébauche d’une typologie comparative des cultures. Under-standing the English.

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NON-LARUELLIAN INDIVIDUATION: Laruelle is no one’s property

In all my commentaries on Laruelle I show no scorn but only propose concepts, nor am I external to his project (rather I am a fellow traveller on the path of pluralism). That’s the whole point. I do not scorn … Lire la suite

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Babette Babich on R. S. Bakker

Initialement publié sur synthetic zerØ : « Reading Bakker was the first and the only time I have cottoned to an Aristotelian telos since I learned as a young biology student that all, but all talk of thinking of purpose was…

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BADIOU AND LARUELLE (1): the problem of suture

Far from representing a decisive break with French post-structuralist Marxism, Laruelle’s INTRODUCTION TO NON-MARXISM is an interim report, coming between his earlier ethicist phase (Philosophy III) and his religionist phase (Philosophy IV). By applying his non-philosophical approach to a single … Lire la suite

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LARUELLE’S « NON-MARXISM »: From Ethicism to Religionism

INTRODUCTION TO NON-MARXISM is a very interesting work of transition, published in French in 2000, and well worth reading in the contemporary context of philosophical thought attempting to free itself from self-limiting constraints. It comes just after the works of … Lire la suite

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