THE REAL DOES NOT “DICTATE”: Laruelle’s quantum uncertainties

1) Non-standard philosophy starts with us entering the “matrix”, the “chora”, what Bruno Latour calls “being-as-other”:

“You are entering a zone of “non-philosophy”… For you the philosopher it is a knowledge-collider, for you the physicist it is a conceptual maze – you are in the Matrix” (first sentence, PHILOSOPHIE NON-STANDARD, 7, my translation).

The philosopher meets her other, knowledge, while the scientist meets hers: the “conceptual maze”, the rhizome.

The “unorganised chora of conceptual material” is not a part of a uniquely Laruellian trademark method, but is an everyday experience insofar as we are all caught up in the networks of knowledge (of [REF], as Latour calls them) as they encounter and mingle with a plurality of other networks, and with being-as-other. These networks, these encounters, and the choras that subtend them (for there is not just one chora) are real, and the experience of this real involves transcendental materials at all moments. Laruelle is not the first and only thinker to discuss this: Deleuze and Guattari’s collaborations are based on these encounters, as is Latour’s AIME project.

2) The transcendental and the empirical compose “choratically”: concepts are encountered empirically and experiences always contain transcendental elements. There is no such thing as “pure experience”, a harmful abstract phantasm.

3) There is no room here for the simplistic bifurcations of naive empiricism. Therefore, it is a mistake to talk of “unilaterality” as the non-standard determination in the last instance by the real. “Unilaterality” is an empiricist concept, as is the notion of the “dictate” of the real.

4) The real does not dictate, “dictate” is an anti-quantum concept incompatible with Laruelle’s recent turn to quantum hermeneutics as positing the generic primacy of indetermination over determination. Christ is not Jehovah. Jehovah dictates, Christ undetermines.

5) Laruelle de-religionises Christ. His Christ is more quantum than historical, political, confessional, or artistic.Laruelle uses the four “conditions” of philosophy invoked by Badiou to de-condition philosophy. The reductionist readings of Laruelle (religionist or politicist) wish to hyper-condition philosophy.

6) Laruelle declares that he thinks outside identities and that “Laruelle does not exist”. It follows that Christ does not exist, and that the quantum Christ is more quantum than Christian. “Buddha” would work just as well or even better, and in fact the Buddhists have preceded Laruelle in the quantizing of their semiotic matrix.

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