I found Laruelle’s book CHRISTO-FICTION intriguing but obscure, so I tried to clarify it by means of a comparison with Bruno Latour’s writings on religion. Laruelle himself says he has always made use of such a “collider” approach, working constantly with two or more philosophers and making them enter into collision to overcome their incompleteness and to attain genericity.

Full paper here.

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  1. Apart from the difficulty in understanding the article (which has to do with a lot of work that needs to be done in following the relevant philosophers) I am thinking of the emotional distance felt towards such an article by people whose Christianity has a very different historical life than for Westen Europeans and Anglosaxons. My maternal grandparents came from a line of people who kept their Christian faith (in what this means in an Eastern context) roughly a thousand years within the somehow condencending climate of Muslim primacy in Capadocia in Asia Minor.
    I wonder how much the experience of Christianity in different historical contexts makes western moderns difficult to be understood even by people (like me) who think that they are « similar » and yet… When I read a phrase like  » I think that many people are willingto take Laruelle’s quantum leap if it were not for the Christic obstacle », though I understand that it is factual in a sense and that moreover many of my compatriots (Greeks) would accept it,there is a hostility that I sense that alienaties me. I guess the same hostility a Mouslim would feel if a muslim philosopher was creating a Koran-fiction (if I take the Koran as equivalent to Logos) and then somebody said « the Koran obstacle » and similarly for a Jewish

    I do not say these to claim being right about something. I just report a sense of hostility, of feeling not been wanted because me (an easterner) have « religion » while the really top-notch Europeans have generic non-standard philosophy.

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  2. landzek dit :

    Terrence i wish i had your ability to see into and address components. In this regard, i am much to ‘generic’in my approach; thats why i appreciate your efforts. It allows me to see things of my own biases.

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