I found Laruelle’s book CHRISTO-FICTION intriguing but obscure, so I tried to clarify it by means of a comparison with Bruno Latour’s writings on religion. Laruelle himself says he has always made use of such a “collider” approach, working constantly with two or more philosophers and making them enter into collision to overcome their incompleteness and to attain genericity.

Full paper here.

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  1. Apart from the difficulty in understanding the article (which has to do with a lot of work that needs to be done in following the relevant philosophers) I am thinking of the emotional distance felt towards such an article by people whose Christianity has a very different historical life than for Westen Europeans and Anglosaxons. My maternal grandparents came from a line of people who kept their Christian faith (in what this means in an Eastern context) roughly a thousand years within the somehow condencending climate of Muslim primacy in Capadocia in Asia Minor.
    I wonder how much the experience of Christianity in different historical contexts makes western moderns difficult to be understood even by people (like me) who think that they are “similar” and yet… When I read a phrase like ” I think that many people are willingto take Laruelle’s quantum leap if it were not for the Christic obstacle”, though I understand that it is factual in a sense and that moreover many of my compatriots (Greeks) would accept it,there is a hostility that I sense that alienaties me. I guess the same hostility a Mouslim would feel if a muslim philosopher was creating a Koran-fiction (if I take the Koran as equivalent to Logos) and then somebody said “the Koran obstacle” and similarly for a Jewish

    I do not say these to claim being right about something. I just report a sense of hostility, of feeling not been wanted because me (an easterner) have “religion” while the really top-notch Europeans have generic non-standard philosophy.

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  2. landzek says:

    Terrence i wish i had your ability to see into and address components. In this regard, i am much to ‘generic’in my approach; thats why i appreciate your efforts. It allows me to see things of my own biases.

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