Towards a Comprehensive Michel Serres primary bibliography (2): prefaces, edited books and book chapters

Serres is very prolific, and this bibliography is very useful in tracking down his lesser known texts.

Christopher Watkin

Here is the second instalment of the comprehensive Michel Serres primary bibliography: prefaces, edited books and book chapters/sections. As before, if you spot a mistake or an omission please let me know and I will make the change.

(1975). Comte, Auguste. Philosophie première, Cours de philosophie positive, leçons 1 à 45. Edited by François Dagonet et Mohammed Allal Sinaceur; presentation and notes by Michel Serres. Paris: Hermann.

(1981). Serres, Michel. “Préface.” In L’Etre et la relation. Avec 35 lettres de Leibniz au R. P. Des Bosses, edited by Christiane Frémont. Paris: Vrin.

(1986). —. “Préface.” In Jacques Testart, L’ Œuf transparent. Paris: Flammarion.

(1987). —. “Préface.” In Jean de Cayeux, Hubert Robert et les jardins. Paris: Herscher.

(1989). —. “Préface.” In Maurice Capul, Abandon et marginalité: les enfants placés sous l’Ancien Régime. Toulouse: Privat.

(1989). —. “Préface: l’invention algorithmique.” In Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Naissance…

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