An ordinary human or a collectivity is like everything else both wave and composition and emission of particles. They go through many phases in their undulations, and compose and emit heterogeneous packets of particles. We are not stable homogeneous fluxes of virtue, or of any other desirable quality or ideal state. Nor are we, thankfully, the total opposite of such a utopia. If I or anyone else has occasionally emitted the “wrong” quanta then I hope our individual and collective emissions and undulations past, present, and future swamp them in more pluralist, more democratic and more virtuous waves.

I am a pluralist in the sense of Paul Feyerabend, and think that a plurality of points of view is desirable. I think philosophy is not just an academic exercise but must be applied in our ordinary lives. If “pretention” or “cronyism” or condescension and special pleading are to be found there, then they are just as much philosophical vices as the framing and diffusion of a simplistic and de-humanised ontology (not to mention its virulent promotion),  and must have their “suffisance” (as François Laruelle calls it, meaning both “sufficiency”, or the axiom of the standardised philosophisability of everything, and “pretention”) revoked or suspended, and must be non-philosophically disorganized and reduced to the level of quantized material, to be used in more immanent operations.

If I have been cronyistic or pretentious or condescending then I stand condemned by my own principles and shall make amends without being forced to by extraneous summations, or by procedures stemming from considerations that do not allow for the superposition of all the relevant information, including that from other time frames and from multiple entanglements with other quantum subjectivities. If, by any means, internal or external cronies can be converted into “chronies”, i.e. packets of non-standard conceptual and affective exchange, then I will gladly participate in such Gnostic or alchemical operations both on myself and on others.

I am a pluralist, I am vast (like everyone else) and contain multitudes of quanta of all sorts. One cannot “destroy” a bad quantum but one can hope to swamp it in many more benevolent undulation and emissions. I thank everyone who engages with me for the cultured, civilised and sincere, or facetious and playful tone of their respective quanta emitted in response to my emanations, and I wish them well in their future undulations.

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2 Responses to PLURALISM AND THE QUANTUM OVERCOMING OF NEGATIVITY: from cronies to chronies

  1. I’m sensing a connection between philosophical honesty and journalistic integrity, with a sensitivity towards positive affects that trained academics, broadcasters, and social media commenters often ignore.

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